If you are a software developer I encourage you to make your software Karen/Myanmar Unicode compatible. I have only amateur experience in programming, but I speak, read, and write Karen and understand the languages requirements. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions on how something should look or work.

Using Karen on the Web

Information on the web development page.

Fonts and Font Issues

Some fonts (and their underlying encoding) currently used on the web for Myanmar text are psuedo-Unicode. They don't follow the Unicode standard's guidelines, and use character code points from minority languages instead of smart font shaping. This means that if an application tries to display Karen text with one of these fonts, it will be unreadable. More information on this is available on the Myanmar Wikipedia's font page.

Also, see the Why Unicode tutorial page.

For a rundown of relevant fonts, see the Fonts page.

Karen Keyboard Layouts

There are a handful of options for typing Sgaw Karen available around the web. However, I don't really like the layouts that they use. So, I have developed my own layouts and implemented them for various platforms. More information on the keyboards page.

Ktools: A Python Module for Karen

Ktools is under development. I will release it soon.



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