Welcome everyone. Kanyawtech.org1) is a website dedicated to showing you how to use the Karen language on your computer.

တၢ်​တူၢ်​လိာ်​မုာ်​ဆူ​က​ညီ​ဖိ​ကိး​ဂၤ​ဒဲး. Kanyawtech.org တၢ်​ဒုး​သ့ၣ်​ညါ​ပှာ်​ယဲၤ​သ​န့​အ​ဝဲ​အံၤ အ​တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်မိၢ်​ပှၢ်​မ့ၢ်​ဝဲ က​သိၣ်​လိ​နဲၣ်​လိ​က​ညီ​ဖိ​ခဲ​လၢာ်​လၢ​က​ဘၣ်​သူ​က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​လၢ​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ်​အ​ဂ့ၢ်​အ​ကျိၤ​န့ၣ်​လီၤ.

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While this website is given only in Sgaw Karen, English, and Burmese; the information provided is applicable to all languages which use the Burmese style script2).

Beginners Tutorials


To use the Karen language on your computer, you're going to have to set a few things up. For tutorials on how to do this, visit the tutorials page.

ဒ်​​သိး​​န​သူ​က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​လၢ​န​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ်​အ​ပူၤ​က​သ့ၣ်​န့ၣ်, န​က​ဘၣ်​က​တဲာ်​က​တီၤ​တၢ်​တ​မံၤ​ခံ​မံၤ​န့ၣ်​လီၤ. န​မ့ၢ်​အဲၣ်​ဒီး​သ့ၣ်​ညါ​အါ​ထီၣ်​တၢ်​ဂ့ၤ​အ​ဝဲ​အံၤ​န့ၣ်, လဲၤ​နုာ်​ဆူ လံာ်​တၢ်​သိၣ်​လိ​နဲၣ်​လိ​တ​ဖၣ် အ​က​ဘျံး​ပၤ​န့ၣ်​တ​က့ၢ်.

(Don’t fret if you can’t read the following Myanmar text. It’s there for those relying on the Zawgyi font and who can't read the English or Sgaw Karen tutorial pages. The rest of us can ignore it.)

အကယ္၍ဤစာကိုသင္ဖတ္ႏိုင္လွ်င္ သင့္မွာ Zawgyi font ရွိၿပီးျဖစ္သည္။ သင့္ကြန္ပ်ဴတာ (သို႕မဟုတ္) browser အိုေဟာင္းေနလွ်င္ဤ ကရင္ဘာသာ သင္ခန္းစာကိုဖတ္ႏိုင္မည္မဟုတ္‌ေပ။ သို႕ျဖစ္လွ်င္္ျမန္မာဘာသာ သင္ခန္းစာ ကို click ႏွိပ္လိုက္ပါ။

The Karen Language


The language page contains more details of the Sgaw Karen language and script which may be useful for those wishing to learn the language, and for developers trying to properly implement it in their software projects.

က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​အ​တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်​တၢ်​ကျိၤ လံာ်​က​ဘျံး​ပၤ​အံၤ အိၣ်​ဒီး​တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်​တၢ်​ကျိၤ​ဘၣ်​ဃး​ဒီး​စှီၤ​ဒီး​ပှိၢ်​က​ညီ​အ​လံာ်​မိၢ်​ပှၢ်​န့ၣ်​လီၤ. ပ​ဆၢ​မုၢ်​လာ်​လၢ​တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်​တၢ်​ကျိၤ​အ​ဝဲ​အံၤ က​ကဲ​ဘျူး​ကဲ​ဖှိၣ်​လၢ​ပှၤ​မၤ​လိ​ဘၣ်​ဃး​​က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​အ​ဂီၢ်န့ၣ်လီၤ. ဒီး​လၢ​ပှၤ​မၤ​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ်​​ Program ​လၢ​က​ညီ​ကျိာ်​အ​ဂီၢ်​သ့ၣ်​တ​ဖၣ်​န့ၣ်​လီၤ.


တၢ်​မၤ​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ်​ Program ​တၢ်​မၤ

More information meant to be relevant to programmers and web developers is available on the development page.

တၢ်​ဂ့ၢ်​တၢ်​ကျိၤ​အ​ဂုၤ​အ​ဂၤ လၢ​ပှၤ​မၤ​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ်​ Program ဒီး ပှၤ​မၤ​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​ပှာ်​ယဲၤ​သ​န့​လၢ​အံၣ်​တၢၣ်​နဲး​ပူၤ​တ​ဖၣ်​အ​ဂီၢ် အိၣ်​ဝဲ​ဒၣ်​လၢ တၢ်​မၤ​ကဲ​ထီၣ်​ခီၣ်​ဖၠူ​ထၢၣ် Program ​တၢ်​မၤ လံာ်​က​ဘျံး​ပၤ​အပူၤ​န့ၣ်​လီၤ.

'Kanyaw' (ကညီ) means 'Karen' in Sgaw Karen.
Please refer to the Burmese Alphabet article on Wikipedia for more information.


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