Language Study Resources

I have found the following documents useful in my study of the Karen languages. Although some are available from other places on the Internet, I have collected them here for easier reference.

Sgaw Karen Grammar Books
A Grammar of the Sgaw Karen by Rev. David Gilmore, M.A. of the American Baptist Mission in Burma
Karen Vernacular Grammar by J. Wade, American Mission Press
Karen Grammar
Sgaw Karen Dictionaries
English - Karen Student Dictionary from Drum Publications
Karen - English Student Dictionary from Drum Publications
Anglo - Karen Dictionary by Rev. Jonathan Wade, D.D. (Completed by Mrs. J. G. Binney), Second Edition, Rangoon, 1954
A Dictionary of the Sgau Karen Language by Rev. Jonathan Wade, D.D., American Baptist Mission Press, 1896
Pwo Karen Study Materials
A Grammar of the Pwo Karen by Rev. W.C.B Purser and Saya Tun Aung
A Manual of the Pwo Karen Dialect by C. H. Duffin, Settlement Office, Rangoon American Baptist Mission Press
Write, Read, and Speak the Pwo Karen Language
Pwo Karen - Burmese Dictionary
Pwo Karen Primer


Leann Pointer, 2014/12/18 04:48

I was wondering with the lessons they talk about a tape do you have those or have a site where I can find those?



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Barbara went out: she returned soon—

These things and deeds are diametrically opposed: they are as distinct as is vice from virtue. Men too often confound them: they should not be confounded: appearance should not be mistaken for truth; narrow human doctrines, that only tend to elate and magnify a few, should not be substituted for the world-redeeming creed of Christ. There is—I repeat it—a difference; and it is a good, and not a bad action to mark broadly and clearly the line of separation between them.

Why, Jane, what would you have? I fear you will compel me to go through a private marriage ceremony, besides that performed at the altar. You will stipulate, I see, for peculiar terms—what will they be?

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Are you happy here?

A little.

Not you. You told Mr. Brocklehurst I had a bad character, a deceitful disposition; and I’ll let everybody at Lowood know what you are, and what you have done.

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Madam, you may: she shall be placed in that nursery of chosen plants, and I trust she will show herself grateful for the inestimable privilege of her election.

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About a week subsequently to the incidents above narrated, Miss Temple, who had written to Mr. Lloyd, received his answer: it appeared that what he said went to corroborate my account. Miss Temple, having assembled the whole school, announced that inquiry had been made into the charges alleged against Jane Eyre, and that she was most happy to be able to pronounce her completely cleared from every imputation. The teachers then shook hands with me and kissed me, and a murmur of pleasure ran through the ranks of my companions.

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The box was corded, the card nailed on. In half-an-hour the carrier was to call for it to take it to Lowton, whither I myself was to repair at an early hour the next morning to meet the coach. I had brushed my black stuff travelling-dress, prepared my bonnet, gloves, and muff; sought in all my drawers to see that no article was left behind; and now having nothing more to do, I sat down and tried to rest. I could not; though I had been on foot all day, I could not now repose an instant; I was too much excited. A phase of my life was closing to-night, a new one opening to-morrow: impossible to slumber in the interval; I must watch feverishly while the change was being accomplished.

The speaker came forward and leaned on the rails. He continued, uttering each word distinctly, calmly, steadily, but not loudly—

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I read these words over and over again: I felt that an explanation belonged to them, and was unable fully to penetrate their import. I was still pondering the signification of Institution, and endeavouring to make out a connection between the first words and the verse of Scripture, when the sound of a cough close behind me made me turn my head. I saw a girl sitting on a stone bench near; she was bent over a book, on the perusal of which she seemed intent: from where I stood I could see the title—it was Rasselas; a name that struck me as strange, and consequently attractive. In turning a leaf she happened to look up, and I said to her directly—

I rose. There were no groomsmen, no bridesmaids, no relatives to wait for or marshal: none but Mr. Rochester and I. Mrs. Fairfax stood in the hall as we passed. I would fain have spoken to her, but my hand was held by a grasp of iron: I was hurried along by a stride I could hardly follow; and to look at Mr. Rochester’s face was to feel that not a second of delay would be tolerated for any purpose. I wonder what other bridegroom ever looked as he did—so bent up to a purpose, so grimly resolute: or who, under such steadfast brows, ever revealed such flaming and flashing eyes.

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خدمة عملاء شارب,, 2019/04/28 16:18

تمتع الان معنا مع افضلانواع الصيانة المختلفة من خدمة عملاء شارب التى تقدمة افضل قطع الغيار الرائعة والمختلفة الان وباقل الاسعار الرائعة فى جميع المحافظات بمصر والوطن العربي من توكيل شارب التى لا احد يقدمة الان حيث اننا نعمل على تقدم افضل الخصومات المختلفة الان وباقل التكاليف الرائعة الان فى مصر

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