Language Study Resources

I have found the following documents useful in my study of the Karen languages. Although some are available from other places on the Internet, I have collected them here for easier reference.

Sgaw Karen Grammar Books
A Grammar of the Sgaw Karen by Rev. David Gilmore, M.A. of the American Baptist Mission in Burma
Karen Vernacular Grammar by J. Wade, American Mission Press
Karen Grammar
Sgaw Karen Dictionaries
English - Karen Student Dictionary from Drum Publications
Karen - English Student Dictionary from Drum Publications
Anglo - Karen Dictionary by Rev. Jonathan Wade, D.D. (Completed by Mrs. J. G. Binney), Second Edition, Rangoon, 1954
A Dictionary of the Sgau Karen Language by Rev. Jonathan Wade, D.D., American Baptist Mission Press, 1896
Pwo Karen Study Materials
A Grammar of the Pwo Karen by Rev. W.C.B Purser and Saya Tun Aung
A Manual of the Pwo Karen Dialect by C. H. Duffin, Settlement Office, Rangoon American Baptist Mission Press
Write, Read, and Speak the Pwo Karen Language
Pwo Karen - Burmese Dictionary
Pwo Karen Primer


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