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Craig Rolinger, East Moline, IL, 2014/06/23 20:00

Has anyone tried Power Point for Mac and Karen Unicode fonts? All the vowels do not display properly. The display is good in MS Word for Mac. The display is good in PowerPoint for Windows, but it does not work in PowerPoint for Mac. The vowels are readable but ူ (oo) and the ု (u) display to the right of the consonant and not below it. I have tried changing fonts from Padauk to KNU Unicode and some others but it is not the font.

Ben Sharon, 2014/07/16 14:02, 2014/07/16 14:03

Hi Craig, I don't have a Mac to test on right now, but in the past I experienced that same problem with almost all programs in Mac.

I think it is the font. You said “KNU Unicode”? Where did you get it? Regular KNU is not Unicode and doesn't contain the Karen code points. Since your text contains code points not available in the font, OS X will substitute glyphs from another font, very likely Padauk or another Burmese font.

One thing you might try, I had much better luck with the Tharlon font (from here). However, there are a few important syllables that won't display right.

I'm currently developing a new font that I think should work. I'm not completely finished with development yet, but I'll send you an email with what I have so far in case you want to try it.

Craig Rolinger, 2014/07/16 18:48

Thank you for your reply. I will look forward to trying the font you are developing.

Ben Sharon, 2014/07/16 14:10

Also, the Padauk font looks very nice in OpenOffice on Windows. I think it's because OpenOffice uses Graphite to render the text, which Padauk is designed for. I think it should work on Mac too… if you were willing to substitute OpenOffice for Ms Office.

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